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We turbo charge brands by automating all sorts of different tasks and processes.

FACT: Humans like automated processes. Marketers are no exception and especially love automation. Actioneer identifies where automation is possible and incorporates it into the systems, and applications we build. When we identify a strong use case for automation, the feedback we typically receive sounds like “wow, I didn’t know that was possible”. We have an approach with clients and brands to identify what can be automated and how it can best suit their purposes.

Here is an example of a single instance where we identified the possibility for automation to suit a clients needs:

A users information is captured by a system that, may or may not, result in a conversion. However, our client was starting to branch into a more social media centric approach to marketing. Based on that approach we suggested automating a comprehensive call to certain APIs that would return further social information about the user who submitted that information. That step enabled our client to choose to take the extra step and connect with that user in a social setting. We were able to get users' Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and a whole bunch of different demographic information. This information, that the client didn’t even know was possible to receive, catapulted their social outreach and had a direct impact on growing their marketing base, and their revenue stream. Cheers to new perspectives and automation!

We have frequently automated the following:

  • Trending Newsletters
  • Feeding Qualified Users into Nurture Campaigns
  • Grabbing Social Data
  • Building Reports
  • Generating Printable Items (Docs, Tickets, etc)
  • Time Sensitive Items
  • Alert Systems
  • Tons More