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We are full spectrum innovators in a digital world

We increase brand retention and recognition through motion.

The super bowl had nearly 115 million viewers in 2015 and big TV shows can garner nearly 17 million viewers per episode. Yet, YouTube alone pulls in over 4 billion views per day. It’s no surprise that people consume motion in a different way than they consume static content. And, in many circumstances, users are more likely to watch motion than they are to read accompanying text.

Actioneer professionals have been connected during the last decades upswing and growth in motion graphics and we use motion to tell stories across both the web & television. We don’t depend either on raw footage, or out of the box animations, to piece together our communication. Instead we paint a compelling storyline combining compulsory elements and utilizing the appropriate media. This enables our productions to communicate clearly with style and grace.

We commonly use motion for the following:

  • Advertising
  • Online Campaigns
  • Introductions
  • Case Studies
  • Pitching Ideas